Saturday, September 27, 2008

We have real furniture!!!

I'm writing this from an actual desk! We finally got all "our" furniture (left-behinds from the building Michelle manages) so the house is going to be a lot more organized. But oh my gosh, what a debacle it was getting all the stuff inside! Let's just say it took burly men and a whole lot of courage. (Actually, if we'd broken the front door- which has beveled glass- it would have taken bravery to conquer the repair bill.)

Here we are in front of the couch/desk/tv "unit"- filled truck (Jalene's cousin and his friend helped us out, and Greg refused to be in the picture so he's behind the camera):

I had half a Clif bar in between the moving, but I didn't take a picture, sorry.

Megan came over tonight for dinner and studying (in an attempt to be productive on a Saturday night). I made a stirfry with tempeh, boiled zucchini and carrots, olive oil, cumin, cinnamon, salt and pepper.

Ketchup may or may not have come out during the meal to season the veggies.... It tastes better, I promise! I also cooked up some gnocci from my favorite frozen pasta brand ever:

I've only had their ravioli before, but this was pretty good. I topped it with an olive oil sauce with sweet roasted peppers, garlic, basil, and onion, and parmesan at the very end.
After dinner we somehow started talking about ice cream, and how I've never been to this famous St. Paul creamery, Izzy's, and after checking to make sure it was still open we headed over. Although I didn't go to the gym today and am still feeling a little guilty about it, the ice cream was SO GOOD. I got a big scoop of pumpkin (delicious, and spicy!) and a small scoop of chocolate almond. I decided at the end that I wanted hot fudge (once you get this far, why not live it up, eh?) and the girl working there let me have it for free. Thanks, Izzy's! It was the perfect amount, and it's late enough that I know I won't be puttering around in the kitchen looking for something to nosh on.

Back to the grind....

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