Saturday, September 6, 2008


The weird thing about this stomach whatever-it-is is it hurts in the same spot hunger hits you in! So sometimes I don't know if my body's telling me I'm hungry or that I need to lie down. To play it safe (and stay out of my bed) I had a skim latte (that had some mysterious chocolate goo at the bottom of the cup) and a pear.

I knew if I went home to have dinner I wouldn't end up getting anything done, so I went to the cafeteria. All of campus seemed to want to eat at the same time, and then lines were so overwhelming! I got some salad fixings, steamed broccoli, cottage cheese, and a veggie burger. My stomach started acting up while I was eating, so I only had the broc, burger, and a little of the cottage cheese.

("Did you just take a picture of your cookie...?") Oatmeal raisin, which I'm usually not too fond of:

Living off campus makes it easy to forget that more than five people go to your school... I really need to get better at taking these pictures!

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