Monday, September 22, 2008

Girl Power!

I don't know if it was the Spice Girls karaoke Jalene and I did the other day, or the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" cover that was on the radio, but I really needed to have a girly night alone (think rollers and hair masks). I went to Wallgreen's after class and got two magazines (my subscriptions haven't arrived yet... it's totally justified), a carrot mud mask and a huge jar of ibuprofen for my legs. The guy at the check-out counter looked at me and I know he saw my future: my major relationship was with a bottle of wine... and I'd die fat and alone... and be found three weeks later, half-eaten by wild dogs. Haaaaa just kidding, but I wish I still had that movie.

But to backtrack a little: I spent the morning at Brewberry's with Sarah studying. I got a large skim latte and had a Balance Pure around 9:30.

This was the banana cashew flavor, which I liked a LOT more than chocolate cashew. Now, if only they were cheaper! I went to Mississippi Market to buy lunch to go; it had a lot of great stuff but it was way more than I can afford. I got an organic vegan sandwich with hummus, lettuce, carrots, and onion. It was good, but not worth $6. I also got a chocolate milk and a fruit leather to go with.

We had our film screening for Russian today: The Scarlet Empress. It was so good... I love Marlene Dietrich. I have a collection of some of her movies, but I think I left them at home. One of the professors brought cookies from Breadsmith; they were sitting right in front of me and I couldn't resist. I had half of a chocolate chip peanut butter (my favorite combination), but it really wasn't that great. Oh well.

I'd planned on making soup, bread and tofu, but I was starving when I got home and the thought of washing dishes and simmering squash for an hour didn't sound so appealing. As I say, tomorrow is another day. I just had some leftover ravioli (I tried to scrape some of the cream away) mixed with sweet potato. Not a bad combination! With a side of Vogue.... I think Rachel Weisz is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood. I saw her outside of the restaurant I work at, and I actually think she's more stunning in person. And she's Narcisco Rodriguez's muse!

And a yogurt for dessert.

Now it's time to crack open the books.... I want to be in bed by 11 again tonight!

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