Sunday, September 14, 2008


These posting tardinesses will stop! Another late night last night. Burn After Reading was sooo good. The acting (who wasn't in that movie?!), the twisty twists... go see it! Anddd it seems "Joel and Ethan" are filming their next movie in Roseville! So there's some talk about paying them a little visit before they haul out.... Anyway, before the movie and after my workout I had a banana. Jalene was really excited about this....

It was pouring and I was damp throughout the whole movie. I parked my bike at Whole Foods (bad idea) and went to pick up some things Rainbow didn't have on Friday. Today was, like, super sample day, and the featured item was butternut squash! I got a lot of really great ideas for things to make with it. They had a DELICIOUS soup, although it was packed with heavy cream which isn't necessarily something you have to use to make a good soup. They also had a side dish with carmelized onion and roasted squash. So, this is a forewarning that that item may pop up here sometime soon. I actually had gone to the store to get a butternut squash to begin with, to make soup. I didn't think I had my camera with me so I didn't take pictures of the samples, but I had the soup, onion thing, two chips with guacamole, and a cheese cube. I came back still a little snacky, and had some leftover pasta and a yogurt.

For some reason I can only take clear pictures if I pose them on the stove. Strange.

I moved (and scoured) the moldy dresser, so at least my room is starting to look more like a living area and less like a wasteland. I had a glass of Riesling while doing so (in these cute little goblets!):

We were going to make zucchini bread, but we got a call requesting our early presence at a party, so we whipped these up quickly. I just read about these patties when Caitlin made them yesterday, and they were so easy and so yummy and uses one of my favorite foods: sweet potatoes! To make these black bean and sweet potato "burgers," just cook each potato (I made one for each of us) in the microwave 3- 4 minutes on each side. (The proportion of potato : black beans is 1: 1/2 can, so I made two potatoes and one can of beans.) After the potatoes are cooked and cooled slightly, peel the skin, mash 'em up, and mix them together with the beans. Stir in some salt and pepper, sculpt into patties, and cook in a pan (greased with Pam or other like spray) for 3 minutes on each side. They're going to be soft on the inside, so don't try to cook them longer because they burn. Serve with a dollop of plain low-fat yogurt.

With some steamed asparagus:

I was pretty full after just one of these guys so I saved the other for later. I had some beer at the party, although I wish I hadn't because I woke up feeling really groggy and bloated. When we got back last night, I had a bowl of Edy's Loaded Cookies 'n Cream, with a double stuffed oreo on top. So collegiate.

I slept way too late and have tons of work to do today. I'm going to study, squeeze in a short run, then go to see Balkan Beat Box tonight so I have to be really organized. Just some cinnamon pecan Special K and Autumn Wheat with a banana (we caved and just bought some) for breakfast.

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