Monday, September 29, 2008

This bike is wack!

There is absolutely no way it took me almost 26 minutes to bike less than half a mile. But that's what the machine said! So I'm just going to assume that something's wrong with it... it's teh same one I used yesterday, and I had the same problem, so you'd think I'd learn to get onto a new one but you know what they say about old dogs. So:

25:43 minutes
198 calories


-straight arm crunches- 3 x 20
-knee raises w/ stability ball- 3 x 10
-stability ball seated twist- 3 x 10
-stability ball back extension- 3 x 10
-2 30-second plank holds

I had half a Clif bar for before my workout...

... and a nice bowl of oats when I got back.

-1/2 cup oats boiled in water

-1 tsp PB

-1 tsp flax

-1/2 banana

-brown sugar sprinkling

-splash of skim

I want to get out of the house fast so I can give myself enough time to walk.

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