Saturday, September 20, 2008

Runaway Runaway

I ended up sleeping until 2! When I woke up it was so hot (all the windows in our apartment were closed) and it felt like a sauna. I had half a Clif bar and fiddled around on the computer making a new playlist.

I had an okay workout (I accomplished my goal of 2 miles...) and watched the most ridiculous show on MTV, My Super Sweet 16: Exiled. Has anyone seen this? It's about what happens when parents of the girls get fed up with their daughters' obnoxious antics and send them, like, reindeer herding in Canada. Crazy. Here's what I did when I wasn't watching reality television:

23:11 minutes

2.04 miles

214 calories

Core series:
-straight arm crunches
-knee raises w/ stability ball
-stability ball seated twist
-stability ball back extensions

-hip abductors inner and outer, 2 x 15 reps each @ 80 lbs
-lateral press, 3 x 10 reps @ 40 lbs
-adjustable pulleys, 3 sets, 1 @ 15 lbs, 2 @ 10 lbs

Lunges, squats, stretches.

The last time I did lateral presses my back was sore for a few days, but hopefully my body is
"learning" the exercise.

After my workout, I was craving this thing I saw at Jamba Juice a few days ago: Chunky Strawberry. It's funny that I've only been to Jamba Juice once or twice, but I've gone two times in the past week! This contained frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, nonfat plain yogurt, soy milk, fresh bananas, organic pumpkin flax seed granola, and peanut butter. I just looked up the nutrition facts and the 12 oz (which I had) has 450 calories and 14 g fat, which is a little high, but it also has 14 g protein and three servings of fruit. It was really good! I might try to recreate this at home and save myself $4.83.

Max's mom is in town and is taking us out to Cossetta's for pizza. So nice! I'm going to try and get a little work done before I go. Our landlord is also coming to fix our toilet which has been broken for FOUR DAYS. Bah!

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