Monday, September 8, 2008

Slow moving

I didn't hear my alarm at all this morning, so to make up time and not give myself time to talk myself out of going to the gym, I pretty much rolled out of bed and went. Before I left, I had half of this Balance bar:

I ran 2.35 miles at a combination of 3.5, 3.7, 5.4 and 7.0 mph. I took more walks than I usually do; for some reason I didn't have much stamina this morning.
On the machines:

2 sets deltoids (1 set @ 30 lbs, the other at 10 lbs)

2 sets triceps (10 lbs)

3 sets ab/crunch machine (30 lbs)

2 sets hip abduction, inner (70 lbs)

2 sets hip abduction, outer (70 lbs)

3 sets free weight arms (5 lbs/ hand)

I ate the other half of my bar after my workout. I accidentally pulled this one out by mistake:

This was so gross, oh my gosh. I saw it at Target yesterday and was enticed by its 15g of protein and 170 calories, but I really cannot understate how disgusting it was. And I accidentally bit into it again this morning! Luckily I found the Balance bar, which I really liked and will buy again.

It's already 11:40 so I'll probably just grab something quick before my 1 o'clock class.

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