Monday, September 8, 2008

Flat tires and peach pie

Soooo the reason biking to school (.25 miles) feels like such a trek is because both tires are flat, the chain is rusted, and the brake pads are rubbing.... I need a tune-up! I'm going to the bike doctor tomorrow. I ate in the cafeteria today and had potato fennel soup (there must have been a whole potato in this little bowl!) and a salad with cottage cheese, spinach, carrots, red cabbage, cucumber salad, tofu, and sunflower seeds. I mixed a dressing of balsamic, oil, and mustard.

They're reducing banana shipments to save energy, which is great, but there are never any left when I get there. I had a granny smith instead, but I am craving that yellow monster! (Yes, this is the bathroom.)

A skim latte and some homemade trail mix after class (and Andrew looking amused)...

My friend had a pot-luck for her birthday, girls only! Conversation was definitely interesting.... I got there a little late, but I had cucumber salad (second time today! but it was really good), vegetable stew, a sliver of blueberry peach pie, and a mini brownie.

I've been reading about foods to eat to encourage sleep (mostly lowfat... not surprising) and yogurt with fruit was one. I haven't had too much trouble sleeping since school started, but I get insomnia pretty frequently (I hope I didn't just jinx myself). Anyway, I had some Fage 0% with applesauce, walnuts, and cinnamon.

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