Monday, September 1, 2008

Vive la Russie

Alexander Nevsky was really interesting considering the time it’s supposed to have taken place (1242 AD) and the context in which it was filmed (1937 Russia, during which the Soviets had an ally relationship with Nazi Germany). I’d only seen Battleship Potemkin before, but when I set up my Netflix account I’ll be sure to check out more Eisentstein movies.

I ate half of my Clif bar before class and the other half about two hours in. I have a lot of these chocolate chip flavor because, on the drive up, I found them priced at 5/$1.00 at an Amish discount store in Knox, Pennsylvania.

I was feeling a little funny when I got home, so I just had a toasted PB & J around
10:30. I also had a glass of light cranberry juice and a big bottle of water.

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