Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sugar, here I come!

Isn't that cute? It's how Jalene dries her socks!!!

I had a nice time at Brewberry's with Katey over coffee and homework. Luke wasn't working so I'm sure the "cardamiel" latte (cardamom, honey, espresso and milk) would have been better had he made it, but it was still pretty good.

I realized I'd forgotten something I needed for class (big surprise) so I went back home and ended up eating there (although I'd been prepared with a packed lunch bag!). I had leftover tempeh from last night (with yogurt and salsa) and a chobani with banana and honey.

After class Sarah, Carlye, Jalene and I all came back to our apartment to finish the baking project we'd started... cupcakes! There were several birthdays and karmic debts that needed to be repaid (like helping us move in, hauling furniture, etc.) and what better way to do it then bake? We used the Magnolia Bakery recipe to satisfy sweet teeth and my New York- withdrawal. I used the recipe reprinted in 52 Cupcakes' blog and found a lot of other decadent treats I can't wait to make. I followed the recipe exactly, except for substituting half the butter in the batter for applesauce.

Here's a little peek from the cupcake gallery:

I had to make sure they were edible gifts, so I practically snatched this one out of Sarah's hand.

SO GOOD, oh my goodness. I actually liked it better than the 'real' Magnolia cupcake! I also ate a ton of frosting... definitely a splurge, especially since I'm going to be cutting back on my workouts until my leg heals. But oh, it was so worth it. I saved a couple for me and Ari to have later, but I think this was one of the prettiest.

Our cafeteria was sponsoring local farms today, so I loaded up my plates with fresh veggies. We sat for over an hour as new people cycled into the table, so I probably ate more than I was hungry for, but oh well.

Salad: spinach, carrot, tofu, feta, cucumber, cabbage, beets. Dressing: oil, vinegar, lemon juice, mustard.

Butternut squash /apple/parsnip soup, acorn squash and honey-glazed carrots and turnips.

I was sort of craving something "real" and not sugary, so I just had an apple. This picture reminds me of a picture in The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown that I read when I was little.

Time to work and clean and get ready for Ari!

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