Saturday, September 27, 2008

Russian Morning

I was so sad to wake up and find out that Paul Newman had died. I might watch Cool Hand Luke tonight in memoriam.

We have a field trip to the Russian Art Museum today. Jalene wanted to go too, so we're going to drive down there in a little bit. I woke up to pretty bad pain in my leg; I think it's worse when I've been sitting or lying down and not putting my weight on it. I've been taking ibuprofen every day, but I haven't really been noticing any difference. I hope it's better by my race next Saturday...

We're running pretty low on all our cereals, so I mixed Special K, Mueslix and Oatmeal Squares with skim milk.

I think I'm going to need to brew some coffee before we go, because I feel exhausted! I got about 9 hours of sleep so this doesn't really make sense...

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