Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stretch and yawn

That's pretty much all I feel like doing... I am so tired! I think it's because I've worked out 8 straight days without a rest day. I'm trying to power through until Sunday or Monday, when I have a designated day off. I can't seem to find out the exact date for the 2009 NYC marathon, so I'm just going to chose a day to take off and then adjust it if necessary. In other news, boy am I sore! Pilates was great today; I felt a lot stronger. I need to find a tennis ball or something to roll out the knots in my back until I can get a massage... I signed up at the health center today for one on the morning of my birthday (October 3), but that seems like a very long time for now! But we get a whole hour for only $20... Hard to beat! In the meanwhile, I'll just try to knead them out myself. Before class, I had a piece of zucchini bread. I brought a bag of baby carrots with me, but they were horrible! Bitter and prematurely slimy (I just opened the bag yesterday!). I only ate one and saved the rest for later in case I'm desperate. I've been drinking so much water today. I feel really dehydrated, which might have to do with the muscle soreness.

There was a potlock at the French House tonight; all the food was brought and prepared by the professors. I had a small cup of apple juice, two vegetarian cannelonis, greek salad, cheese a piece of baguette. (It's sitting on my dress, although it looks like a tablecloth!)

I went back for a couple more nibbles of cheese. For dessert I had some pineapple and watermelon, two coconut macaroons and a raspberry fig newton.

I started falling asleep in the campus center so I biked home, got in my PJs, and am going to settle down into the cozy nook with some reading and a cup of chamomile tea. It may be only 9 PM, but I'm a sleepy old gal!

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