Monday, September 1, 2008

Slight defeat...

After doing some chores around the house, I went to campus to use the internet and the gym. I bought a banana, but just as I was about to photograph it, the top half broke off and fell on the ground! Sad. Here’s the lonely remainder:

Sooo I think I may have overestimated myself a wee bit. After about a mile on the treadmill at 5.3 mph, I started to feel my body shut down. I ran .33 more, then switched to the elliptical and went 1.17 miles to make the total an even 2.5. Then I biked home again (.5 miles round trip) giving myself a 3 mile workout. I know using the cross trainer isn’t the same as going for a regular run, but I think I’ve been pushing myself too hard too fast. I’m going to think today and re-evaluate my training schedule.

I was very hungry after my workout so I had the ni├žoise from yesterday. There was literally an entire tuna steak in there! The dressing didn’t mix together well so I didn’t use very much of it. I saved the containers to re-use though! Gotta stay thrifty… I brewed some Folger’s to help keep me going… I have to read 150 pages for French.


After (I ate the little bit of bread right after I took this):

I had a sliced Eve apple after I showered. It's too bad Ari's not here because it was super crispy and he's very particular about his apples.

My friend and former roommate Megan came over to see the house, then we came to campus to work. We bought the foulest tasting energy drink I have ever tried. I try to stay away from them in general but when I do have one, I drink sugar free Red Bull. The deli we went to didn't have that, so we got "Hydrive" instead (there's Megan trying to back out of the picture, and our friend Max busy at work on his laptop):

I started soaking some beans from "Toni's 10 Bean Soup Mix" made by the Women's Bean Project to make for dinner, but then our upstairs neighbors came down and invited us to a cookout! I'm going to bring my black bean burgers and we can eat the soup throughout the week.

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