Friday, September 5, 2008

Laid Back Friday...

We're having a quiet night in, catching up on work and watching Murder, She Wrote and drinking decaffeinated tea. (Just kidding about MSW, although I could really do with some Angela Landsbury right about now.) Seriously though, this has got to be over and done with if only to reassure myself that I didn't age sixty years in my sleep! (Who can guess what we're going to be for Halloween?) We had a simple dinner of Annie's Mac 'n Cheese with 2/3 cup of Fage and a can of dolphin safe tuna. I've been saving this tuna all summer since it's not so easy to come by in the bigger grocery stores. We also had a salad made from fresh Betts family ingredients (lettuce, tomato, cukes) with a little rice wine vinegar.

I had a chocolate pretzel Kashi bar to ease my readings; I liked it, but I think the chocolate almond and chocolate peanut flavors are still my favorite of the Kashi Crunchy variety.

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