Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monkeys and crabs

What my grandmother looks at when she wants a pick-me-up (my dad circa 1972):

I had a very nice lunch with my grandparents; I won't see them for a month or so because they are going to France. If only they could take me with them.... I ordered a latte but then changed my mind because I didn't really need the extra coffee yet. I had vanilla bean because they were out (out!) of green.

I had a salad of lettuce, crab, avocado, strawberries and grapes, with dressing on the side. I ate about 3/4 of this, and an English muffin with strawberry jam.

I was gently reminded not to put jelly on the whole piece of bread at once... whoops.

They brought out cookies with bill, which I wasn't really hungry for, but I ate a chocolate chip anyway.

While I was bopping down the highway to Rilo Kiley, I saw the sign for Super Target and felt that shopping urge. I actually did need to get some laundry detergent (I've been wearing hiking socks for the past three days because I'm out of clean regulars) but somehow these ended up in my cart...

... and they were handing out samples of Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal. It looks and tastes a lot like Cap'n Crunch.

Time to catch up on endless pages of Balzac...

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