Monday, September 1, 2008

Outdoor Cookout

We ate outside with our neighbors and some of their college friends. Everyone was so nice! I'm not really used to it since I grew up in an apartment building. We're going to have them over once we get these boxes out of the way and have a place for them to stand... There were burgers, grilled corn, and watermelon with mint and lime. The watermelon was DELICIOUS. I usually pick it out in fruit salads, but I love both lime and mint so I tried it. It could easily be made with another fruit; canteloupe, honey dew or mango would be tasty. I had a Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burger, two slices of watermelon, and an ear of corn. I wanted something else after dinner, so I had a small bowl of cookie dough ice cream. My head feels like it's about doubled in size and I'm all stuffed up. I've been drinking white tea with honey all evening to try to combat this cold. Hopefully the Nyquil will work its magic tonight...

We finally have internet! I'm typing this from our dining room table. I'll be able to read the (virtual) morning paper while I drink my coffee! Woohoo!

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