Friday, September 19, 2008

Slam your body down and zig-a-zig.... ahhhh

That's right, I did just go there.... I can't control what plays in my head. Jalene and I just had a little karaoke session thanks to YouTube... I was in a pretty bad mood after a workout that I didn't feel was too "successful." I ran about 1.25 miles straight through, but then my left leg started cramping and after a short walk I didn't really revive and my stamina felt shot.

27:00 minutes

2.2 miles

220 calories

3 x 15 straight arm crunches
3 x 10 knee raises w/ stability ball
3 x 10 stability ball seated twist

3 x 15 stability ball back extension

I'm just really frustrated because I'm making negative progress and how am I going to run 5 miles next week if I can't even run 3? Although I did it yesterday so I know I can (with walks). I just can't let myself talk myself down or out of this. I can do it.

I had a make-shift quesadilla with leftover black beans and sweet potatoes, a low-fat cheese stick, cherry tomatoes, and a whole wheat tortilla. I topped it with Salsa Lisa pineapple salsa and plain fat-free yogurt. I also had 1/4 package of extra firm tofu, drizzled with balsamic, salt and pepper. It was a really good and filling meal! I'm going to take a Larabar with me to eat on the way to school.


Anonymous said...

So clearly I am stalking you. The quesadilla looks delicious (I'm off to Whole Foods after my shift at work)! But I just wanted to let you know that a 5K is going to be no problem for you. Running outdoors in a race (even if you're not racing) with tons of other people is extremely motivating and inspiring. It's a completely different experience from staring at the red lights of the treadmill. I actually have a 10K the same day as your race. Just have good music and a good attitude and you'll feel great!! xo C

Caitlin said...

i know you can do it! you can definitely run the 5.0 miles if you want to!

and spice girls RULE!