Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gray and sniffly

It's gray and rainy out, so I don't feel too guilty about staying inside sick. "Nurse Bob" said I have a viral infection and fever; he gave me some medicine to take but said I shouldn't work out until I get better. I certainly don't feel like getting up on a treadmill right now, but I also don't want to backslide and ruin all the progress I made. But of course I can't do well if I wear myself out, so rest I guess I must. I had a bowl half Mueslix and half Oatmeal Squares with skim milk for breakfast when I got back from the health center. My photographic skills are waning...

I had a banana which I actually ate in my Russian class:

After class I went to Whole Foods (mostly out of necessity but partly for retail therapy) to get some basics. I'm a sucker for new flavors of my favorite protein bars, and there's a new Kashi Go Lean Crunchy bar (Chocolate Pretzel) so I got that. I also got the Balance Bare Bar that I've been searching for ever since Jenna raved about them on her blog. They're on the expensive side, so I only got one. The ZBars were only 49 cents, and I got a few Larabars as well. I got a cup of minestrone soup- I'm making soup for dinner tonight but it's really all I feel like eating so I'm fine with a soup overload. I finally caved and bought the most recent issue of SELF. It's by far my favorite magazine, but I was going to see if I could hold out for a couple months and wait for my subscription to start coming. I could not.

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