Thursday, September 4, 2008

Storm's a brewin'...

I needed more sleep after breakfast, so I woke up without much time before class. I just had some leftover polenta and peppers and a chocolate coconut cream Larabar. This flavor is pretty high in fat (13 g) but it also has 5 g of protein, which I need to get better. Still, I don't think I'll make a habit of these. I decided against caffeine today for the sake of my stomach, but I did have another glass of Emergen-C.

I skipped out on Pilates today since the last thing my core needs is a workout! I'm still feeling really frustrated about being so incapacitated, but all I can do is get rest and hope tomorrow will be better. I had dinner on campus with Luke and Sarah; it was a mostly vegan meal. Pictured is miso soup with tofu and spinach, vegan split pea soup, vegan baked beans, cornmeal-crusted tofu and brown rice with coriander. Sarah and I decided there was nothing miso-like at all about that soup, so I ate most of the split pea, all of the tofu, and about 1/3 each of the rice and beans.

My stomach wasn't feeling very good throughout the meal, but unfortunately I couldn't resist the "special" sundae bar. I got a scoop of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, a small scoop of Reese's pieces, and a few Oreo cookie pieces. It tasted good, but not good enough to make me forget about my tummy ache!

I've been hearing some pretty disturbing stories from my friends who've been going to the RNC protests in downtown St. Paul. I'm going to wait to comment more until I know what happened tonight, but it's really unsettling.

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