Friday, September 5, 2008

Eggy on rye

Sorry for such boring content the past few days... Really, I'm hardly ever sick! Having a blog about my food makes it easier for my mom to tell me what I should be eating (it used to just be "milk"), so to make her happy and me healthier I had a lot of protein for lunch. I had a sunny-side up egg over polenta (it'll be done soon, don't worry!) and some Fage 0% (20 g protein/ cup) mixed with applesauce.

This cute little iron skillet is the perfect size for one egg!

With some peppers and onions:

I freed the yolk to mix it up with the grains.

I did not intend to have this much, but the applesauce came out so fast! I topped it with some cinnamon.

I have so much reading to do tonight (not like I'm in any shape to paint the town read, anyway). Hopefully I can keep my head up long enough to get some of it done...

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